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Pocahontas, Arkansas


Click HERE to download the band department’s Fall Newsletter.


Click HERE to download the letter that went home to 7-12th graders regarding the scale and exercise project.  The attached Parent Response Form was due Tuesday, November 15.




Congratulations to the PJHS members of the All-Region Bands!


First Band

Jordan Bailey - 5th chair percussion

Kyle Dooley - 3rd chair trombone

Gracie Fears - 3rd chair clarinet

Nikki Flanery - 8th chair flute

Emily Johnson - 9th chair percussion

Jaden King - 22nd chair clarinet

Emily Long - 4th chair euphonium

Julia Morgan - 16th chair clarinet

Connor Murray - 5th chair euphonium

Sam Niswonger - 6th chair tuba

Brooklyn Reyes - 11th chair percussion

Kira Rogers - 1st chair trumpet

Eli Smith - 5th chair flute

Jasmine Smith - 19th chair clarinet

Leyton Stockwell - 11th chair trumpet

Logan Tharp - 5th chair french horn

Travis Thatch - 8th chair tuba

Ashley Tweedy - 13th chair clarinet

Anna Weisenbach - 12th chair flute

Michael Wells - 8th chair french horn 


Second Band

Bailey Barnard - 8th chair flute

William Beaver - 11th chair trumpet

Preston Crow - 4th chair trumpet

Destiny Hackworth - 13th chair trumpet

Savannah Johnson - 6th chair clarinet

Abby Kingery - 2nd chair euphonium

Breanna Manciaz - 7th chair flute

Joel Marlow - 6th chair alto sax

Emily McMullin - 5th chair alto sax

Madison Roper - 11th chair clarinet

Meagan White - 5th chair clarinet

Kacie Wilson - 1st chair bari sax


Rachel Baltz - flute alternate

Dylan Knoche - tuba alternate

Missy McCutcheon - clarinet alternate

Kelsie Ogden - tenor sax alternate 




There is no failure except in no longer trying. 

Elbert Hubbard 





Saturday, December 3 


@ Pocahontas

Call Time for Workers:  7:30a


Monday, December 12 


6:30p - MDW Gym


Tuesday, December 13 

Project Deadline

(Directors will not be available December 12 to hear project material.)

In the event the calendar below shows information contrary to what is shown above on this page, the information above is to be considered the correct information.